Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha

By | April 27, 2016


Ten months after the sex tape allegedly involving Nithyananda and cine star Ranjitha hit the internet, the actress finally broke her silence on Friday.

Addressing a packed press conference, the actress denied all the allegations against her. ?It?s not me in the video,? said Ranjitha. ?I was scared, I was threatened, blackmailed, and that forced me to abscond.?

The actress said she had been hurt by the allegations. ?I was scared to face anybody, so I had moved out of the country; I came only for the CID inquiry. I was in the US all this time. I have registered a complaint with the magistrate’s court in Ramanagara,? she said.

But then came the bombshell. Ranjitha said a Christian missionary was behind the episode.

?I was being blackmailed and threatened by the accused and also by another man who belongs to a Christian mission,? said the actress. ?I want to live, so I shall not name them. If the CM of Tamil Nadu promises to protect me, I shall reveal the names.?

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