Conversion Tactics – Medical Care

By | April 28, 2016

Known as “medical evangelists”, Missionaries promise free medical care
to operate on poor non-Christian patients. After srugery they force them
to convert or pay exorbitant fees.

Christian organizations have established hospitals with some of the best medical care across the globe. Many of these hospitals operate under the guise of provide free or cheap medical care to rural and poor communities. However, most of these hospitals are providing these benefits not for goodwill but for conversion.

1. Denial of Treatment ? Often Christian hospitals publicize their services as pro-bono and for the needy and general public. However, when poor non-Christians require treatment, they are either force to convert or pay a large fee for the services. The incident below describes one shocking ordeal of how 17 Hindus because they refused to convert:

The Serang Christian Eye Hospital was set up in the Gumma block of Gajapati district by the Baptists of Canada to supposedly provide health care to tribals. The hospital is run by the Council of Christian Hospitals, which has its head office in Bangalore. The poorest of the tribals are misled into receiving free treatment at this hospital in exchange for their souls. The victims are operated upon then pressurized to convert to Christianity, or else told that they will have to cough up the payment for the operations.

Dr Sadguna Raju, a Christian convert and ophthalmologist attached to the Serang hospital, operated upon 27 patients on August 30 and 31 of 2000. Out of these at least seventeen of them are now blind in one eye. Dr Raju left Orissa a day after the operations and the tribal Hindus were given no post-operational care at all. Many times the arrangements for these “quickie” operations are makeshift and rampant malpractice increases the chance that patients could be infected in the operation theater itself. In fact at the post-operative stage the Christian doctors had even noticed the deterioration in the condition of some patients but they chose to do nothing about it as the tribals had refused to convert.

Many of the victims had developed pesedomolas, a bacterial infection, following the operation leading to pus formation in the eye. Some of them have had to turn to begging for their livelihood after this devastating trauma.

2. Fake Medicines ? One common tactic employed by Missionaries is to give a sick villager fake medicines which have no medicinal value and ask them to worship in the name of their faith for wellness. After several days, the missionary gives the villager an identical dose of the medicine, but this time it is the real medicine. Then the missionary will instruct the villager to now pray to Jesus. Soon after, due to the medicine and not due to Jesus, the villager will be cured. The uneducated and gullible villager, however, will attribute his cure to Jesus and convert to Christianity.

3. Intentional Denial of Medicines ? In a New Tribes Mission (NTM) mission camp, many of the natives either died from starvation or from diseases transmitted by the missionaries for which they had no immunity against. In one such mission camp in Paraguay, the German anthropologist, Dr. Mark Munzel, reported that food and medicine were deliberately withheld by the missionaries. From a total of 277 natives in April 1972 only 202 survivors were left three months later. A US congressional report confirmed that 49% of the camp population had vanished!

In Bolivia, William Pencille, of the South American Missionary Society, was called in to help when white ranchers moving into the tribal areas came upon the Ayoreos. Pencille persuaded these natives to stop resisting the encroachment of the cattlemen and to settle on a patch of barren land beside a railroad tract. The natives, having no resistance to common diseases of the “modern” man, began to die. Throughout all this Pencille had the means to save the lives of these people. He had access to many modes of transport, including an airplane, and to funds which could easily have been used to buy medicines for them. Yet this is what he said: “It’s better they should die. Then I baptize them (on the point of death) and they go straight to heaven.”

4. Secret Baptism ? Another tactic that is deceptively employed by Missionaries is to ?baptize? a victim without their knowledge. Then to reveal that they had been baptized and they must convert to Christianity. Though well-documented, it is little known that the most famous perpetrator was “Mother” Teresa and her sisters.

?For Mother (Teresa), it was the spiritual well-being of the poor that mattered most. Material aid was a means of reaching their souls, of showing the poor that God loved them. In the homes for the dying, Mother taught the sisters how to secretly baptize those who were dying. Sisters were to ask each person in danger of death if he wanted a ?ticket to heaven?. An affirmative reply was to mean consent to baptism. The sister was then to pretend she was just cooling the person?s forehead with a wet cloth, while in fact she was baptizing him, saying quietly the necessary words. Secrecy was important so that it would not come to be known that Mother Teresa?s sisters were baptizing Hindus and Moslems.?

5. Threats ? Missionaries in addition to harming non-Christian patients in their hospitals will also mental harass patients who are already in physical pain. Below is an account of one such incident:

?I remember a British friend of mine, an anthropologist researching the lore of a Nilgiris tribe a decade ago. One day he visited a village hospital to comfort a sick tribal. A troop of Christians from a particular denomination entered noisily, and kindly informed all the patients in the ward that unless they accepted Christ, they would soon die and go to hell for ever. Is this Jesus’ love, or mental torture? Were the patients’ human rights respected or violated??

– Michel Danino
(World Congress for the Preservation of Religious Diversity)

Though Christian hospitals claim that they ?do not accept any forced conversion or conversion by fraudulent means? and they are ?for the masses?, they in fact are the contrary. They are only for though who are Christian and for those who not, they must forcibly convert in order to use their facilities. Christian Medical institutions and Missionaries show that other than Christians, they selfishly do not care for the well-being of anyone. Missionaries claim their lives are dedicated to ?saving? others but we can clearly see that this ?saving? only applies to Christians and for all others it very well may mean death.

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