Conversion Tactics ? Sexual Abuse

By | April 28, 2016

Body of 14-year old school girl, Jyotirmayee, who was raped, killed and mutilated for refusing to convert to Christianity.

The press has recently revealed of the sexual exploitation of children in churches in the United States by the clergy. However, the sexual crimes against children and others outside the U.S. rarely make news. There are many cases of perverted Missionaries sexually exploited non-Christians and using this as a conversion tactic.

1. Sodomy – On November 11, 2000 Indian police arrested David Berry, a 51 year old British national for brutally sodomizing and perpetrating savage sexual abuse on at least 11 minor Hindu boys in the holy temple town of Puri, Orissa. Berry was assisted in his heinous crimes by Bijoy Behera, a local schoolteacher and recent convert to Christianity. The police were forced to arrest the two Christians following a complaint lodged by a victim’s father, Shree Banamali Senapati. Initially despite his lodging of the complaint, the police dismissed the case and refused to arrest the perpetrators, but were forced to act when an angry mob from the town besieged them and threatened dire consequences if the guilty were not punished. Shree Senapati was in tears as he related how Berry had sodomized his traumatized 12-year-old son at least eight times in his hotel room and elsewhere. The boy related to the police that Berry had forced him to have oral sex and kept him a virtual prisoner in the hotel room for hours. He also revealed that the Briton had sodomized at least 10 other school children, all below the ages of 12. The children were so traumatized by Berry’s threats and Behera’s beatings that they did not dare to confess to the horrors visited upon them until young master Senapati could take no more and broke down to his father.

2. Stripping – On October 9, 2000 a group of converted Christians stripped a 12-year-old tribal Hindu boy and paraded him naked in Gasukia village after he opposed attempts to convert him to Christianity. He was taken to the village school and brutally beaten for “refusing to accept Jesus as his savior”. This event naturally led to communal tension as the Hindus were outraged at the heinous crimes being forced on them.

3. Rape ? In January 2002, American Missionary Reverend Joseph Cooper and Sam Benson were expelled from India after Benson was accused ofraping a young Hindu girl and Cooper was accused of making inflammatory remarks against Hinduism. Both currently walk free and Cooper is a preacher in Connecticut. Western Media only reported how Hindus had retaliated against Cooper but did not mention that he incited locals by saying Lord Krishna “spreads AIDS”. American Pastor Benson Sam and his wife Sally also were found guilty of abduction and rape of a minor girl. The poor orphan girl named Laly had allegedly been sexually abused and harassed for four months at the Bible Christian Centre, which had resulted in the issue of non-bailable warrants against Sam Benson and his son.

4. Rape and Murder – In February 2005, a 14-year old school girl in Orissa was raped and killed and her mutilated body thrown to a nearby railway crossing in Dhenkanal for refusing to convert to Christianity. ?One day, three Christian leaders, Prashant Ghose, D. V. John Sarangi and Rabi Naik alias D’Souza came to my home and asked me to convert to their religion, Christianity,? Shri Bej said and added that they promised him help in the form of money and material in his only daughter Jyotirmayee?s marriage. However, Shri Bej turned down their proposal.

Then the local Church mandarins made a second attempt trying to allure Shri Bej?s wife Yasoda. ??If you change over to Christianity, your daughter could get a good bridegroom as there are many well-to-do persons in our religion,? Rabi Naik told me,? said a weeping Yasoda to Organiser and added that on that day, Shri Naik had threatened her with dire consequences if her family did not adopt Christianity.

Following this threat, Bej?s daughter Jyotirmayee, a student of Class VIII in Saudamini Smruti Vidyapeeth, was reported missing from her school. Jyotirmayee?s friends intimated her family about this. A concerned father went to the police station and reported the matter. But the local police did not take it seriously. The next morning, Jyotirmayee?s naked mutilated body was found on the railway tracks. With ample circumstantial evidence of Jyotirmayee being raped and murdered, the local people staged a road blockade demanding the arrest of the culprits.

In the FIR filed in the police station, Shri Alekh Bej has categorically mentioned names of Raju Naik, Rabi Naik and Ranjan Naik. ?As I refused to convert, I had to face this consequence,? Shri Bej reported.

Though the body of Jyotirmayee was found on February 17, till February 21 no one was arrested. The Bej family is unable to understand the inaction on the part of police to arrest the culprits. The Bej family has accused the police station incharge, Jyoti Ranjan Mohapatra, and DSP Mandardhar Sahoo of conniving with the culprits and allowing them to go scot-free. With district SP on leave, the law perhaps is yet to take its course.

4. Molestation – Hemalata Karua, 32, of Machhagarh village in Keonjhar district in Orissa, India testified in court that Australian Missionary Graham Staines had asked her to convert to Christianity to avoid financial difficulty. He also invited them to a jungle camp to be held at Manoharpur after the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti. Karua said she and her husband converted to Christianity at the camp on January 21, 1999, and were given new clothes. They also attended a prayer meeting and a film on Christian faith that evening. Later, they were served beef at dinner, which she refused to eat, she claimed. She did mention that neither she nor her husband had been offered any money by the missionary to change their faith. Stating that she stayed alone in a hut behind the local church that night, Karua alleged that the missionary came there later and attempted togrope and rape her. She informed her husband the next morning and they left for their village. Twenty days after the incident, she claimed, the missionary’s wife visited her to express regret for his actions.

There are hundreds more incidents which could have been listed. And there are probably even more that are only known by the victims themselves. Most victims do not report the crimes against them because they feel they will be ostracized by their community. Not only are Missionaries proctected by Western Media, Missionaries keep such scandals from surfacing by bribing local police and by threatening the victims of their heinous crimes. Missionaries serve no benefit to India and when they molest the people they are by no means spreading ?the love of God? but rather acting with their sick and perverted mentality.

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