Things you can do to stop conversions

Taken from The Anti-Missionary Site

For Christians
Contrary to what you might think, it is Christians who can do the most to stop missionary and other aggressive activities.

1. If you are a member of a Christian church that sponsors missionary activity, you can refuse to donate money or time to such activity, or work to redirect the congregation’s support to charity work that does not involve conversion efforts.

2. If your church refuses to end missionary propaganda, you can always switch to a different congregation.

3. Many people who are officially registered as “Christians” in Europe and America actually do not attend their church, or only go as a social activity and not because of belief in that religion. Taking action tohave your name removed from official lists will show church leaders that they do not have as much real support as they thought (this at worst will cause them to redirect propaganda funding to nations dominated by Christians).

4. If you are one of the many people who mix beliefs from various different religions (New Age, Neopaganism, Buddhism, Taoism, Santeria, etc.) with Christianity, you might “officially” convert to another religion, so that you can prevent the elimination of some of the non-Christian beliefs you think are valuable. (It’s not like Christianity itself is endangered). Although you might then be exposed to increased Christian propaganda, this should convince you beyond doubt how desperate the Christian church is to hold onto their power.

5. Make others in your community aware of the atrocities of conversion.

For Everyone
Even if you’re not Christian, missionary organizations often dupe
non-Christians into funding their activities. There’s a lot you can do as well.

1. Non-Christians and secularists can also have an impact, by making sure that your donations to charity go to non-Christian groups, or at least groups that do not divert money to missionary activity. (Watch out for some of those “starving children”/””adopt a child”/”sponsor a child” programs, many of whom will secretly spend your money baptizing and brainwashing vulnerable kids using food as bait).

2. You can also make your views known to politicians, who are currently under pressure to support international Christian conversion efforts under the guise of “religious freedom” in non-Christian nations–even though religious freedom is not a goal of fundamentalist Christians and does not exist in many Christian-dominated nations. The true victims of persecution are the traditional religions, which are illegal in many countries where fundamentalist Christian and Muslim regimes have power. For instance, in the Sudan the animists are the people being enslaved or starved by the Muslims and Christians, both of which want to stamp out the traditional African religion (as well as each other). But there are no groups working to protect those beliefs–only pro-Christian/anti-Muslim activists. Only if we stand up for the freedom of non-aggressive religions such as Baha’is, and Taoists can we claim to be fighting for religious liberty and not just backing “our favorite religion”.

3. When people discuss religious freedom, you must make sure they understand that such freedom exists only when the dominant religion cannot use its advantage in numbers, wealth, or control of the educational system to put pressure on people from minority religions to convert. Whether or not the government of a nation is officially sponsoring the persecution is not the real issue.

4. Finally, if you believe that your religion or interpretation of Christianity is morally superior or closer to the Truth than Christianity practiced today, do not be afraid to say so in a public, in a positive way. Most people in the United States and other western nations have never had the experience of hearing non-Christian viewpoints–at best, they have only been exposed to the liberal “all religions are paths to the same truth” as an argument to weaken support for the goal of worldwide conversion.

For Americans
Most of the funding for conversion activities comes from the richest country, the USA. Therefore if you are a U.S. Citizen there are several things you can do.

1. Do not vote Republican. Republicans are heavily supported by churches and have given millions of tax-payer money to missionary organization under the name of “faith-based initiatives”. If you think Democrats have are too liberal or corrupt, vote Independent.

2. Oppose prayers in schools. Why? Just remember what it was like to be a child, taunted or shunned by your peers because you were different. A lonely Muslim or Jew or Hindu or atheist child in a majority-Christian school faces that prospect whenever Prayer Time (or “moment of silence”) comes around. The Christian fundamentalists are counting on their own children to organize a system of Peer Pressure Persecution, which is annoying enough when applied in the adult world, but utterly abusive when innocent children are involved.

3. Oppose the placing of the Ten Commandments in schools. Though the majority of the Ten Commandments promote the highest morals. Several preach intolerance such as the second commandment which directly condemns worshipping images of God. This is offensive to Hindus, Jains and others who worship images of God.