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Conversion Tactics – Charitable Allurement

Missionaries take advantage of those in need, especially the poor and children, to convert them Most Missionary organizations disguise their conversion efforts as charity organization. Often in the press, we hear about ?faith-based initiatives? but that is just a euphemism for aggressive and violent conversion organizations. In the Western media, Missionaries are portrayed as true… Read More »

Conversion Tactics – Deception, Lies & Deceit

Missionaries often use devious tactics to decieve innocent villagers in order to convert them. Christian Missionaries on one hand preach high moral values, yet at the same time, they follow the lowest most despicable ones in order to convert people to their religion. Missionaries especially prey on the poorest, most rural folk under the guise… Read More »

Conversion Tactics – Educational Indoctrination

Innocent Indian children being brainwashed and forced to read the Bible in a Christian School. Missionaries have set up thousands of Christian schools, colleges and other education institutions in India, through funding from foreign churches. These schools are simply established for subtle proselytization of the masses. Because many of these schools were set up in… Read More »

Conversion Tactics – Medical Care

Known as “medical evangelists”, Missionaries promise free medical care to operate on poor non-Christian patients. After srugery they force them to convert or pay exorbitant fees. Christian organizations have established hospitals with some of the best medical care across the globe. Many of these hospitals operate under the guise of provide free or cheap medical… Read More »

Conversion Tactics ? Sexual Abuse

Body of 14-year old school girl, Jyotirmayee, who was raped, killed and mutilated for refusing to convert to Christianity. The press has recently revealed of the sexual exploitation of children in churches in the United States by the clergy. However, the sexual crimes against children and others outside the U.S. rarely make news. There are… Read More »

Conversion Tactics ? Violence

Bodies of Hindus killed for refusing to accepting Christianity by militants armed by Southern Baptist Missionaries. While Christian Missionaries preach of peace, love and harmony, their most effective tool for conversions is violence and they will not hesitate to use it. There are hundreds of violent attacks by Christian Missionaries every year. Most of these… Read More »